The FieldBook for People Making Strategy Happen

Practical and Relevant to Collaborative Efforts That Drive Growth, Performance and Change.

Strategic Teams and Development provides an unmatched platform and working blueprint for strategic leadership in organizations of every shape and form.

This book explores the natural challenges of strategy direction, integration and execution from a practical team perspective. It defines the critical factors in talent that transform Strategic Teams into value-creating assets.

Leaders at every level will discover the ready application of this essential material for advancing the work of their teams, and the confidence of their organizations.


Daniel Wolf is the President and CEO of Dewar Sloan, a consulting practice that is focused on growth, performance and change. His corporate experience includes management and governance roles in Fortune 500 companies, SME ventures and private equity holdings. Dan’s consulting focus includes work on strategy direction, integration and execution.

Wolf and his group at Dewar Sloan serve the interests of corporate, healthcare, technology and nonprofit organizations, with counsel on:

  • Engaging Strategy Across Organizations
  • Building Strategic Capacity and Resources
  • Advancing Strategic Readiness and Resolve

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Dan is also the author of Prepared and Resolved, which shares a powerful framework for strategy engagement, and Boards and Strategy, which shares a set of perspectives on executive and board interactions on strategy in general. He also serves on several advisory and governance boards.

“… Wolf has brought together the key themes of strategy direction, integration and execution in a terrific framework for leadership …”

– Sean Healy


“… effective collaboration depends on individuals and teams who bring together their expertise, perspective, energy and experience …”

– Emma Schwartz

Medical Center of the Americas

“… a complete and dynamic view of the range of talent that drives multifunctional teams to perform and adapt …”

– Chris Jones


Everything starts with a Strategic Agenda that frames the everyday thought and behavior of the organization. Through a design-driven framework of Talent Blocks and Beams, Strategic Teams, at every level of the organization, engage a Cultural Agenda that informs and inspires.

“… Teams are essential when it comes to making strategy happen …This book casts a comprehensive set of lenses … on the success of teams …”

– Roland Deiser

Center for the Future of Organization, Drucker School of Management

“… This FieldBook provides a practical but elegant guide to developing high-performing teams that drive effective outcomes.”

– Dr. Helene Gayle

President & CEO, The Chicago Community Trust

“… financial capital and intellectual capital, matched with human capital … this book resets the pieces of the puzzle with strategy, talent and culture in a practical manner.”

– David Bookbinder

Author: The New ROI: Return on Individuals, Advisor

“… Strategic Teams and Development is a very well-crafted framework for guiding thoughtful, motivated leaders over the strategic and cultural journey of business evolution …”

– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Bestselling Author on Leadership and Management, Executive Advisor and Coach to Global Executives

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